Land Park Softball FAQs, for 2021 Season


AGE: Is my child old enough?

We accept players with birth years 2008 through 2014. Click here for a link to our league age chart.

RESIDENCY: How do I know if we live in the Land Park Softball boundaries?

See the league’s boundary map here. Also, your child is eligible if she goes to school within our league boundaries even if you live outside the boundaries. If that’s the case, please fill out and submit the School Enrollment Form. Upload this document during online registration and please bring it to our in-person registration for verification.

COSTS: How much does registration cost?

$135 per player; no multi-player discounts are available. We are discussing a discounted rate for 2021 only.

What does the $135 registration fee cover?

The registration fee covers a jersey for each player, costs associated with team assigned equipment, field permits, liability insurance, cost of umpires, fees to Little League International and other costs. The fee does not cover the full cost for each player, so the league welcomes donations from businesses, civic groups and individuals.

What is the refund policy?

Because of the special circumstances with COVID this year, we are prepared to offer a full refund if the season has to be cancelled prior to playing any games. Should your child decide to opt out and not play the season, we will fund all but $20 of your registration fee provided that we have not already ordered a uniform jersey. In the case that we have already ordered a jersey, the cost of the jersey and $20 will be subtracted from your registration fee and returned. Should your child opt in to play and we are unable to play games, a refund will be offered equal to the registration fee you paid minus $20 and the cost of the jersey.

SEASON: When do practices start, and how long is the season?

Normally practices begin in February, and the season runs from March through June. For the 2021 season that has been delayed due to COVID restrictions. We anticipate games beginning on of just after April 17, 2021.  Girls playing in the minor and major divisions may have an opportunity to play in the Tournament of Champions and All-Star tournaments which usually last through July depending on how far the team advances.

GAMES: How many games will be played?

Schedules will be available close to the start of the season. It’s typically one or two games per week. On the rare occasion there may be three games should there be a need to make up games cancelled due to rain.

When are the games played?

Weekday evenings and Saturdays. There may be some Sunday games due to rain and rescheduling.

TRAVEL: How far will we travel to games?

Our home field is in Land Park; away games would be as far away as South Sacramento, East Sacramento, Natomas and Tahoe Tallac neighborhoods. Our Minors and Majors teams may be required to make limited trips outside of those boundaries for weekend games only. 

PRACTICES: When and where are practices?

Practices are held at fields within our boundaries, including Land Park and Curtis Park. The practice schedule will be determined by the number of team's enrolled. The league will make a best attempt to assign the team’s manager days of their choice.

UNIFORMS/EQUIPMENT: What equipment and clothing does my child need?

The league provides bats, balls, helmets, pitcher face masks and catchers’ gear, as well as uniform jerseys. Families need to provide gloves, pants, belts and socks for each player (managers/coaches will indicate color.) Players may wish to also provide their own safety gear and bat.  ALL HELMETS must have a safety cage protecting the player’s face.  This is a Land Park Softball league safety rule. 

BATS:  I heard there were some new requirements adopted for bats. Do I need to buy a new bat?

Little League International adopted new bat standards for BASEBALL ONLY.  Softball was not impacted.  Bats must comply with Little League Softball Rules. In general softball bats must not be more than 2 ¼ inches in diameter.  

ONLINE REGISTRATION: Do I have to register online?

Yes, we are using an online registration process this year. All players must register online.

DOCUMENT VERIFICATION: Do players need to have their documents verified in person? Why?

If your player is new to the league, please register online. The league will determine how and if we will verify that information in person at a later date. Little League International policy requires document verification by the league. All players must have these documents on file using the online registration process EVEN if these same documents were verified in previous years. 

PRIVACY:  I’m concerned that my documents are not going to be held private and secure. 

The information that is important is the child’s name, birthday and the parent/guardian’s address in the Land Park Softball boundaries.   Black out any additional information such as mother’s maiden name, account numbers, bank balances, social security numbers, etc. when uploading the documents onto our server.   Land Park Softball is a volunteer organization that is trying to move to a paperless system. 

FINANCIAL AID: Is assistance available for the registration fee?

Yes, please contact the league president as soon as possible at [email protected]

Local Sponsors

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